Dishonour Available from the 26th of August

Detective Inspector Debra Hawkins, daughter of a murdered police officer, has always chosen her own path, and is determined to make RED-V, the new police unit targeting religio-ethnic-domestic violence in migrant communities a success. So when a beautiful Iraqi girl, yearning for the right to live her life according to her own choices desperately seeks her help, Debra swings into action. But before she can do this, dark forces from her past draw her back to the decades old murder of her father. Finally, not only is her career at stake, but also her very life.



How Conspiracy 365 came to be Or Wrangling a 12 volume series

When this project was first pitched to me by Andrew Berkhut at Scholastic publishing, I couldn’t have known what a huge undertaking it would turn out to be. Sure, writing 12 books would be a big job, I realised that, but they were only 35,000-40,000 words each. I was used to first drafts of a 130,000 words. Somehow, that thought – ‘they’re only 35 thousand words…

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Feeding the Demons, Baby did a Bad Bad Thing, Spiking the Girl and Shattered

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