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Gabrielle Lord Australian crime writerHer story  so far…

Gabrielle Lord survived being ‘razed’ by the nuns, acquired an education despite this, and after working in many different areas, sales, teaching, brick-cleaning, peach-picking and packing, and in the Public Service as an employment officer, started writing seriously aged 30.

Her first two manuscripts ended up composting the tomatoes at her market garden – another attempt to make a living – but the third one FORTRESS was picked up internationally and made into a feature film starring Rachel Ward. A later novel WHIPPING BOY was made into a telemovie starring Sigrid Thornton. The film rights money, coinciding with her daughter leaving school, allowed Gabrielle to resign and instead of getting up at 4.30am and writing for several hours before heading off for work, she could write full-time and lead a more ‘normal’ writer’s life – hanging around with scientists and detectives, badgering forensic anthropologists (she studied some Anatomy at Sydney university) and doing work experience with a busy private security business and of course, writing.

Research is everything, she says. ‘Out of my contacts with experts (who are always far too modest to describe themselves that way) I get not only the fine-tuning necessary for today’s savvy readers, but also wonderful incidents and images that enrich and enlarge my books.’

Gabrielle’s interests are very simple. ‘After a misspent youth, I don’t have many brain cells left so I enjoy walking, meditation, singing, gardening, chatting with close friends, being with my family and grandkids, feeding my goldfish and keeping up to date with bodywork and enlightened psychotherapy.’

Gabrielle has now written seventeen adult novels, the latest being  Sisters, Wilkinson Publishing, now available in the USA -- as well as twenty YA novels. The Conspiracy 365 series  has been published in the UK, USA, France, Germany, Holland, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Brazil, Portugal, Turkey, Indonesia and China -- twice -- in English and Chinese characters as well.  Conspiracy 365  has also been sold into nine Asian countries by Scholastic Malaysia.  Currently, she's almost finished writing her eighteen crime novel, The New GIrl, set in a 1960s convent boarding school. She's also working on a TV pitch for a series based on the five Gemma Lincoln novels.   Next year, 2020, she has plans to have a Sabbatical,  but as new ideas keep popping in, this may not be the case. 


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