New books!!! And old books looking brand new!

A very exciting package arrived for me today– taped up with “Crime Scene – Do Not Enter’ and when I disobeyed this instruction and opened it amyway, there were the brilliant new editions of Feeding the Demons, Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing, Spiking the Girl and SHattered!!! Al reissued in fabulous new covers – bold, black and very very bad! They will accompany the publication of Death By Beauty, the latest in the Gemma Lincoln PI series — due out late August early September. Bernadette Foley, the publisher at Hachette had also included a container of tiny stars to whoosh all over myself as I opened the package and saw the glorious new editions. It was the best presentation of books that I’ve ever received. Thank you so much, Bernadette!

I’m onto the second stage of the Secret Project (sheesh, I’ll be please when I can actually name it!!!!!!) and I can assure readers who enjoyed Conspiracy 365 and Revenge that they won’t be disappointed with this. I promise to tell you the name of this project as soon as I’m free to do so. Promise. Also, look out for Book 15 “Malice’ in October.

Feeding the Demons, Baby did a Bad Bad Thing, Spiking the Girl and Shattered


  1. Naomi

    I’ll be first to buy book 15!! And hope you enjoy creating (or whatever it is your doing!) the second stage of the secret project.
    Hol’s are almost over; back to school soon :(

    • Naomi

      Sorry; it’s book 14, not 15!

  2. Siane

    Cool! They look amazing and I can’t wait for book 14 and also for this secret project to be announced!

  3. syd

    i like the covers!

  4. syd

    What is the secret project?!!!!!!!! Im dying to know! When will u tell us wat it is?

  5. 365fan

    I cannot wait till october to read book 14! I also want the secret project to be something about conspiracy 365. Good luck writing more awesome books!

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